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By Artist & Muralist, Dineen Roeller

Deco Haven Artistry. Tampa, Florida

About Deco Haven.....




Deco Haven is a custom mural & art studio, located in the Riverview area of Tampa Bay, Florida. 

We specializes in unique decorative wall murals and motifs for the home and business, all of which are hand created and one of a kind. Whether you are looking for a fun wall mural for a children’s room, a sophisticated wall design for your home, or a large   rendering of a company's logo or a school mascot! We are excited to provide a creative service to The Tampa Bay Area, working with our clients, creating beautiful custom wall paintings that is as uniquely individual as our clients. Let Deco Haven create something visually amazing for you today!


Our Story:

Dedicated to excellence in the art of murals, decorative painting and fine arts. Solo artisan, Dineen Roeller, of Deco Haven Artistry, offers one of a kind custom mural art, motifs, signage and decorative faux finishes throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Dineen established her career in the arts as a self-educated commissioned free-lance artist at the age of 16 in 1980. Working with advertising companies, contractors and interior decorators, she developed her passion for interior design through the self taught experience she inquired while serving her customers and following her multitude of creative endeavors. During her career, Dineen Roeller, is also credited with artistic renderings for such companies as Hall-mark, Rutenburg, and Panama Jack. As well as the In-House Artist for Wallaby Jack Sports Apparel, as the creator of their line and initial look for the company. 

In the mid 90's, Dineen's interior design and mural background was inspired through obtaining employment with a decorative painting company in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As she studied under a master decorative faux painter, Dineen, became the company's soul muralist. And with the company's growth, Dineen, then instructed artisans under her supervision. Later in 1997, after relocating to the Tri-State Area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, Dineen, redefined Deco Haven as a Decorative Mural Company. With a mural base clientele both residential and commercially. Her public works are through out the Eastern United States from schools and pediatric professionals, to local libraries and government buildings. 

Fashioned herself as a regional artist serving her community and donated several murals to charities and the United Way.  Among her favorite murals, are the ones she creates for children... as there is so much heart that goes into these especially!    



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Dineen Roeller of Deco Haven Artistry

What Sets Deco Haven Apart?

Deco Haven Artistry, is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our service. We uphold a standard of integrity, bound by fairness, honesty, and personal responsibility. Our distinction is the quality of our service we bring to our clients, as well as the accuracy, and the consistency of our trade. Our professionalism and passion for what we do, is worthy of your creative vision and needs. Above all, we are watchful of our client's interests, and make them the basis of our business, from beginning to end, is what sets us apart.      

As the soul proprietor and the artist behind Deco Haven Artistry, Dineen Roeller, works with you from start to Finnish. With one artist and the style in which she generates, your end results will not be a disappointment.  

Dineen's work is known for it's soft detail and dramatic approach. Inspired by The Renaissance, and the turn of the century with a vintage appeal. Dineen, admires many artists who came before her, she is most inspired the the works of Deviance, Gustav Klimt and muralist Graham Rust.  

Limitations & Locations:

Deco Haven is a small art studio located in the Riverview area of Tampa Bay, Florida. For projects that require on site work, such as a  mural, will be charged a travel expense based on destinations which surpass 20 miles outside of my general area.


Limitations on project availability must be placed because Deco Haven's Work is based on the physical capabilities of one artist, and one artist only. The property site where murals are to be painted, must not exceed a two story building. The excess ability must be favorable and of level ground. A foyer, for example, must not exceed the highs of 20 feet or, with a stairwell hindering the work area.

Hand decorated ceilings have limitations as well... small accented painted appliques are available, but the more larger full ceiling painted decoration is not. The artist reserves the right to except or decline any work based on location and will work with you to the best of her ability. Nothing is impossible, all creative projects deserve the chance of exploration!    

Full of diversity, creating custom work for your home or business!

Visit the  Mural Gallery,  Fine Art Gallery  and  Commercial Gallery  for more examples.



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